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Sun Cooper

I founded my literary studio on my great-grandmother's desk in the attic of a horse barn, while raising my son and finishing my degree. I've lived in a sea captain's house; wrangled horses for a living; spent summers in England, Mexico, and Hungary; and traveled across the Southwest in an eco-renovated Airstream with my son and pup.  I regularly attend writer's residencies by the Pacific Ocean.

With a B.A. in English and HarvardX studies in World Lit, my 20 years of experience as a writer, editor, and publishing consultant is deeply rooted in my love of reading. I'm an advocate for narratives that nurture cultural understanding and authenticity. I've served as editor for an award-winning newspaper, the assistant director for a network of Nashville nonprofits, editor and advisor for A Room of Her Own Foundation and was named 2015 Blackbird Fellow.

My work and collaborations have appeared in People Magazine, Rolling Stone, National Geographic, Hill Lily, American Cowboy, Southern Writers, Severine, and UNUM Magazine. With my amalgamation of Cherokee, French, Basque and American West ancestry, I identify as a storyteller, mother, and sojourner who asks for the wisdom of ancient paths while pioneering her own.

The Sun Lit Team

Meet some of my core consultants, go-to editors, and expert readers for manuscript reviews and diversity reading projects.

Sun Lit collaborates with over a hundred professional beta readers and sensitivity readers, both local and global.

Meghan Pinson

My Two Cents Editing, editor, and project consultant

Antoinette Scully 

Black & Bookish, book reviewer, and diversity consultant

Lokelani Howe 

House of Howe, writer, and diversity consultant

Aric S. Queen

Author and cross-media project consultant

Saranya Francis

Poet, teacher, diversity consultant, and Star Ambassador of World Poetry

Tanya (Hyonhye) Ko Hong

Poet,  translator, and diversity consultant

Dr. Melissa Coss Aquino

Author, professor, translator, and diversity consultant.

Judy Gruen

Award-winning writer, author, editor, and diversity consultant.

Melissa Sifuentes Phillips

Teacher and diversity consultant

"Kinship, for me, is about creating community and safe spaces. Safe literary spaces, both in person and online, that allow writers to take the chances that make exceptional books and readers that feel seen within those stories." – Antoinette Scully

"Children of color need to see themselves in books so that they know that their experiences are valuable, human and beautiful.  Children of the dominant culture need to see these books as well to consider that there are alternate perspectives. It is important for authors and illustrators from communities of color to directly represent their ways of knowing and being in this world."  – Melissa Sifuentes Phillips

"Growing up with hearing disability, I remember reading about Helen Keller as an exception, an island in a sea of books featuring abled children. Now that I am also a proud mother to an Aspie, I recognize the need for diversity and neurodiversity stories all the more keenly."  – Sun Cooper

Sun Literary supports WNDB.

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