Sensitivity Reading

Embracing our many layers and stories has been historically complicated, layered with struggle, underscored with misunderstanding, and punctuated with grief. But times are changing. As more stories and distinct experiences are shared among us, the more aware we become and the better we can build bridges. Inclusion, diversity, and awareness are not just buzzwords but the language of humanity in movement; we are migrating towards a better horizon.

I manage a roster of over 100 professional sensitivity readers worldwide who can thoughtfully read your manuscript – unpublished or under revision – with an eye towards that horizon. Our goal is not censorship but kinship. We aim to support diverse perspectives, freedom from stereotypes and bias, and thoughtfully-authored work that honors our many layers of history and culture towards authentic representation, successful reception, and longevity in the market.

"When you need a road map to a better story ..."

– Antoinette Scully, Black & Bookish

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