Sun Literary's Vision Map

We are equally, spiritually, and culturally called to be good relations and good stewards. This is the vision map and common ground by which Sun Lit navigates. Stories are the layered land upon which we claim our sense-of-place and migrate in our own journeys – our parts to a whole.

In work and collaborations, Sunlit takes a deeply-informed, culturally-imaginative, interconnected approach to projects and partnerships.  To walk in beauty and engage from a place of strength, Sunlit believes in infinite possibilities on our horizon and chooses to claim what it is for : Generous listening, honoring ancestors, the sacredness of life,  intersectional environmentalism, regenerative stewardship, and historical and racial healing towards holistic collective memory, equity, and kinship.

We gave thanks for the story, for all parts of the story because it was by the light of those challenges we knew
ourselves – We asked for forgiveness. We laid down our burdens next to each other. – Joy Harjo, US Poet Laureate

We are starved for fresh language to approach each other. We need what Elizabeth Alexander calls “words that shimmer” — words with power that convey real truth, which cannot be captured in mere fact. Words have the force of action and become virtues in and of themselves. The words we use shape how we understand ourselves, how we interpret the world, how we treat others. Words are one of our primary ways to reach across the mystery of each other. As technology reframes the meaning of basic human acts like making and leading and belonging, the world needs the most vivid and transformative universe of words we can muster. – Onbeing

"Light is sweet, and it pleases the eye to see the sun." – Ecclesiastes 11:7

Sunlit recommends reading  Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings by Joy Harjo and Onbeing's Grounding Virtues and Civil Conversations.

Vision Mapping for Writers

Vision Mapping is an uncommonly fruitful method for unearthing your vision, clarifying a clear horizon, connecting you to your community, and mapping out a robust writing and publishing path that is joyful, culturally responsive, and stands the test of time. 


Over the years of working with authors, editors, agents, and publishers, I've developed an uncommonly fun & productive method for writers and organizations interested in reaping wildly potent answers to the three most essential questions authors must ask in writing and publishing today. The Vision Mapping e-course is four weeks of expertly-guided, self-paced email courses that come with a pulpy writer's packet of materials that will serve you all along your journey. You'll gain steady legs, a head full of knowledge, and walk away with a smart, soulful map to your publishing horizon.  Sign up for the email course today.


Identifying and following a crystal-clear vision is both creative and critical work for a writer.  Your path is unique to you and your goals. While the Vision Mapping course offers accessible, highly-individualized discovery at your own pace, my consultation approach offers highly-individualized attention. You'll get one-on-one conversation and dedicated time for questions, feedback, expert review of your work and where you are in the process, and experienced, thoughtful guidance. I will pair your personal vision with industry insights and professional resources for the path you've chosen. Reserve hourly consultation with me.


While writing is often solitary work, it doesn't have to be a solitary journey. Would you like brief but expert review of your work? Coaching on writing projects? Thoughtfully resourced agent lists or carefully curated contests or grants you might be eligible for? I reserve a block of hours specifically to exchange email letters, offer feedback, and provide field resources for sister writers who would like to further develop their vision, style, visibility and work.  If you are interested, sign up for mentorship.

"The true soul of my project revealed itself to me in ways I never could have known without journeying with Sunny. The results flung open the visual heart of my book and transitioned to a layered, dynamic platform which now guides my larger 10-year plan and overall career focus. I could not sing higher praise for Sunny’s gentle and powerful approach!" – Rachel Garahan, author of A Beauty Collected

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