Creative writing, story development & editing, manuscript critique,

editorial book and article reviews, expert beta reader and sensitivity/diversity reading programs,

full book proposals and queries, curated agent and publisher lists, and publishing consultation.

Creative Writing

When I explore and document the world in a sojourner's narrative, I feel centered in the narratives we all share. My writing has a migratory spirit, following the philosophy of the Buffalo Culture I subscribe to. My creative work and journalism has been featured in national print magazines, international poetry periodicals, and literary anthologies.

Publishing Projects

I've worn many different hats in the publishing world; but I have just as many authors, collaborators, and clients to thank for my broad calico experience and expertise as the literary agencies and publishers I've been fortunate to work with. Currently, I manage a roster of professional readers and literary consultants on sensitivity and beta book projects, partner with expert editors at M2CE on cross-media author publications, and serve as  Waves editor for A Room of Her Own Foundation, featuring the multicultural, creative work of women writers and artists around the world.


I offer manuscript critique and development, editorial reviews and book proposals, curated agent and publisher lists, expert beta reader and sensitivity reading programs, vision mapping, and editorial consultation. I specialize in publishing advocacy for women's literature, children's and YA literature, historical and spiritual genres, travel and memoir, narrative and speculative fiction, poetry, indigenous and modern culture, sustainability and conservation.  


My individual and collaborative publications have been featured in People magazine; National Geographic; Rolling Stone; Nashville's Gazette; London's Severine; NonDoc; American Cowboy; Hill Lily; Southern Writers; and UNUM. A featured work on the Cherokee Beloved Women is slated for publication soon in A Room of Her Own's literary anthology, WAVES: A Confluence of Women's Voices.

On assignment for a conservation article featuring historical Tejon Ranch, I brought my son with me and we rode to the top of the range with local vaqueros. In these foothills lived the Tejon Tribal ancestors, more originally known as the Kitanemuk  people.  While the vaqueros told my son about the history of this place, I took this image of the Tehachapi Range straddling the southern Sierra Mountains.

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