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Welcome to Sun Literary, specializing in creative writing and publishing projects. I've been working with authors, editors, beta readers, agents, and publishers for over 19 years. Collaborate with Me.

Migration of Sun

I started my agency on my great-grandmother's desk in the attic of a horse barn, originally naming it Follow the Buffalo.  Like this 6-month solargraph by Juho, this journey is always moving forward. Sun Literary will be unveiling a new logo and story soon.

Passion Project

At the intersection of our journeys and histories, our narratives offer deeper connection.  Within my own ancestry and personal migration, I've mapped a sense of place both at home and in the world-at-large. Read about my current Passion Project.

About Me

My name is Sun Cooper. I am a writer, editor, and consultant based in Oklahoma with seasonal writer's residencies in California and abroad. I'm always after deeply-mapped stories, whether browsing in a book store or exploring this land with my son.

Somewhere on the road, listening to a podcast or cello. With ancient Basque and Cherokee blood in my veins, I will always be drawn to horizons, to wide open spaces.  It is the book I never stop reading.

Taken during my Blackbird Fellowship with A Room of Her Own Foundation at Ghost Ranch in August, 2015. Abiquiú is Tewa Pueblo Country, a place immortalized by beloved artist Georgia O'Keeffe.  

"I know I walk in and out of several worlds each day." – Joy Harjo

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