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Publishing Projects

Need editorial management for your book project? Sun Lit has successfully worked with multicultural authors, agents, and publishers on print, hybrid, and digital publishing projects for over 20 years.  We are agile and informed. Soon offering Web3 publishing & consulting.

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Diversity & Access

A global network of multicultural consultants are available for diversity & accessibility reading,  cultural proficiency, and craft excellence.  Meet some of our literary experts, editors, and Own Voice consultants ... and find out more about our  commitment to shared progress.

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Literary Consultation

Sun Lit accepts a select roster of Own Voice author & publishing projects for consultation, DEIA advocacy, and support from vision mapping to editorial development to successful querying & publishing for multicultural women's, young adult, and children's genres.

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Interested in positioning your work with a long view? We're learning & positioning ourselves and our clients for quality, longevity, and trust in Web3 projects, applying what it has taken generations to learn about publishing into the new internet of things.

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Getting Representation Right

Why "Own Voices" matter and why we recommend them for publication and consultation.  Learn more.


Sun Lit's client projects have included editorial reviews, manuscript critique, developmental editing, independent publishing projects, and client book projects and advocacy for traditional, hybrid, and digital publishing. Some of Sun Lit's author and publisher collaborations include Barnes & Noble Press, Lulu, KDP, Artisan Books, Chronicle, She Writes, Familius, National Geographic, Scholastic Publisher, Seventy Seven Press, Heinemann Publisher, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

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Supportive Publishing

Sun Literary has supported and served as advisor to the following literary publications.

A Room of Her Own Foundation

In 2020, A Room of Her Own celebrated its twentieth anniversary of advocacy of women's voices worldwide. Find open-access submissions for women to share their stories and creative work  at  AROHO.


A global magazine dedicated to highlighting and celebrating women, of diverse backgrounds, by sharing their personal stories and achievements. Find The Sunlit Project at UNUM.


Nearly 1 in 5 people in the U.S. identify as living with a disability (ADA, US Census) and the numbers increase globally; but this representation is unique in that it is marginalized in both accessibility to narratives and representation in those narratives. 

Sun Literary has certified accessibility specialists on our team, and can provide Own Voice expert consultation for making your narratives, website, content and platforms inclusive and accessible to Communities of Disability.

Sun Literary understands the vast spectrum within this community, and is listening and engaging with its team and its councils, such as Diversability. If you would like to offer suggestions for us or request accessibility consultation: Reach out.

Sun Lit's Recommended Book List

Want to check out Sun Lit's book and content recommendations for writing & craft, cultural intelligence, and good reading? Some of Sun Lit's core multicultural & accessibility reviewers + their work is proudly featured here. This list is organic and growing. Browse.

Translation and Translanguaging Services

 In need of translation or translanguaging services? Sun Lit recommends Translata. Ask for Gina.

On assignment with American Cowboy some years ago for a conservation article featuring Tejon Ranch in California, my son and I rode to the top of the Tehachapi Range with local vaqueros. Here lived the Kitanemuk People, whose descendants today are enrolled in the Tejon Indian Tribe of California.  Sun Lit supports returning ancestral lands to tribal stewardship.

Land Acknowledgment

This work was imagined on my great-grandmother's desk  in a horse barn on Monacan land in Virginia, flourished on Iipay-Tipay-Diegueño land in California, and is based in Cherokee Nation, the state of Oklahoma, home to 39 tribes.  Continued ...

Thank you for your presence here,

Sun Cooper (Cherokee descendant), Founder and Director of Sun Literary


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