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A woman-founded and diverse women-led agency specializing in visionary writing and publishing projects for multicultural women's and children's literature.  Sun Lit has been working with authors, editors, agents, expert reviewers, beta readers, nonprofits, presses and publishers for over 20 years.  How can we collaborate?

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Sun Lit's author-to-publisher and publisher collaborations have included Barnes and Noble Press, Lulu, KDP, Artisan Books, Chronicle Books, She Writes Press, Familius, National Geographic, Seventy Seven Press, Heinemann Publisher, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and more.

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Land Acknowledgment

This work was first imagined on my great-grandmother's desk  in a horse barn on Monacan land in Virginia, flourished on Iipay-Tipay-Diegueño land in California, and is based in Cherokee Nation, the state of Oklahoma, which is home to 39 tribes including the Indigenous Osage, Caddo, Kiowa, Comanche and Wichita peoples. Continued ...

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Sun Cooper (Cherokee descendant), Founder and Director

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