Sun Cooper, Founder and Director

Longtime literary and nonprofit work, multiple inheritances, and migratory motherhood inform Sun Cooper's love for storytelling and shared progress.

Sun has navigated twenty years in publishing as a writer, editor, project manager, and publishing consultant. Having embodied life experience with traditional + alternative forms of communication has deeply honed her expertise for creative language & connection. She is an active member of national literary, diversity + accessibility councils, serves as a multicultural facilitator & advisor for A Room of Her Own Foundation, and was named its 2015 Blackbird Fellow. Her award-winning writing & collaborative projects have been featured in Rolling Stone, National Geographic, People, Severine, Hill Lily, American Cowboy, Southern Writers, WAVES: A Confluence of Women's Voices, UNUM and more.

Lokelani Howe, Multicultural Content Director

Lokelani Howe is a hapa writer, photographer, consultant and content director. Being hapa deeply guides her work, alongside years of content marketing experience in nonprofit development and deep roots in the service industry. As a multicultural and multimedia creative, she helps people define their voice and develop authentic content that inspires diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility.  She currently serves as a diversity consultant with her local education board.

Her portfolio includes brand story, content strategy, copywriting, brand photography, diversity consulting, and more. Lokelani contributes travel, culture, and humanity articles to Good Grit Magazine.  She is also working on a collection of flash nonfiction, Hapa Kine, based on her father's short kine true stories about abandonment, abuse, and amputation,and yet also unconditional love, and ultimately, kinship and homecoming.

Karina Puente, Multicultural Facilitator

Karina Puente directs a women-led visual artist studio specializing in cultural art and creative facilitation. She also serves on the Board of Directors with A Room of Her Own Foundation, a nonprofit for women writers and artists. Now based in Philadelphia, her work reflects the Mexican cultural heritage of the Santa Ynez Valley where she grew up, and she is highly sought after for her DIVES, a unique method of virtual dialogue with the art of focus for creatives and storytellers at global + cultural intersections.

Her work has been exhibited in the Corcoran National Gallery, Weeksville Heritage Center in Brooklyn New York, Columbia University, Miami MoCA, Elverhoj Museum of History and Art, the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Mass MoCA and the Kimmel Center for Performing Arts.

Sun Literary's Vision Map

Sun Lit maps a deeply-informed, morally-imaginative, interconnected approach to storytelling projects and collaborations.  Read our Guiding Principles to Better Stories.

At the heart, Sun Lit subscribes to shared progress.  Read our commitment to shared progress.

"We gave thanks for the story, for all parts of the story because it was by the light of those challenges we knew ourselves." – Joy Harjo, U.S. Poet Laureate

Sun Lit Collaborators

Meet some of Sun Lit's core consultants and expert reviewers for manuscript reviews, book development, multicultural and DEIA projects.

Our collaborators are "Own Voice" consultants & professionals in writing, publishing, and academic fields. All consult for and from their own expertise, embodied experience, pedagogy and cultural literacy with a multicultural methodology developed by Sun Lit.

Sun Lit has a robust global roster of 150+ expert consultants and DEI + Accessibility consultants to work with, both local and worldwide.

Saranya Francis

Multilingual Poet, Social Activist, Diversity Consultant, Professor of Literature at St. Paul's Bengaluru, and Star Ambassador of World Poetry

Antoinette Scully 

Black & Bookish, National Endowment for the Arts panelist, Book Reviewer, Social Activist and Diversity Consultant

Dr. Melissa C. Aquino

Author, Professor of Language and Literature at Bronx Community College, THESIS Literary advisor, Diversity Consultant

Fernando Aquino, M.S.

Journalist, National Hispanic Journalist’s Association, Media Director for El Diario La Prensa, Adjunct at Lehman College, Community Press Leader,  Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

Shonda Buchanan

Award-winning Author of Black Indian,  Speaker,  PEN Emerging Voices Program, Los Angeles Institute for the Humanities Fellow and a Department of Cultural Affairs, Literary Editor for Harriet Tubman Press, Speaker, and Consultant

Tyler Tully, MiD

Author, Educator, Speaker, and Consultant of Cherokee-Choctaw and Euro descendency. Doctoral candidate & Arthur Peacocke Graduate Scholar in Science and Theology at Exeter College, Oxford

Mia Wenjen

Author, Educator, Speaker, Blogger and Consultant and co-founder of and co-creator of Multicultural Children’s Book Day, a non-profit celebrating diversity in children’s books

Rev. Cece Jones-Davis

Ordained minister, artist, speaker, and founder of Justice for Julius working at the intersections of faith, art and social justice. Emmy Award Nominee for Painful History, Evolving Future, 2019 Phil Wahl Abolitionist of the Year, and recipient of Special Congressional Recognition

Elena Kaltsas & India Kaltsas West

Mother and daughter, educators, advocates, and diversity + accessibility consultants working at the intersections of Disability, Assistive Technology, care giving and social justice.

Aric S. Queen

Award-winning Producer, Author, and Cross-Media Multicultural Project Consultant

Juliette McCawley

Award-winning Director, Producer, and Cultural & Diversity Consultant

Tanya Ko Hong

Award-winning Author, Internationally-published Poet,  Translator, Cultural and Diversity Consultant

Brenna Reaves

RN, Medical and Home educator, Multiple Disability and Care Giver Specialist, and Diversity Consultant

Cinti Tuan

Artist, Art Director, Multicultural Educator, and Diversity Consultant

Donald Quist

Author, Educator, Diversity Consultant & Host of Black & White & Read All Over

Yaisa Mann

Author, Educator, Vitality and Life Coach, TED Speaker, Leadership Development, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

Dr. Gina Saad

Multilingual Educator & Consultant,  Co-Founder of Translata Services, and Faculty of Languages and Translation of St. Joseph University

Kristen L. Francis

Bilingual Educator, Diversity Consultant, Speaker for Congreso Internacional Montessori,  Founder of Tipai Adolescent Program

Meghan Pinson

 My Two Cents Editing, Editor, and Project Management Consultant

Judy Gruen

Award-winning Author, Editor, Contributor for the Jewish Journal and Aish, and Diversity Consultant

Melissa Sifuentes Phillips

Bilingual teacher, Education and Diversity Consultant

Sun Lit's Community

Sun Literary is a member of the National Diversity Council, the Diversability Leadership Collective, National Association of the Deaf, American Indian Library Association, SCBWI, the National Association for Female Executives and Entrepreneurs and more.

We are in community and collaboration with diverse literary advocates such as A Room of Her Own Foundation, Multicultural Children's Book Day, Black & Bookish, Diversability, and more.

As we look to the possibilities ahead, Sun Lit is proactively learning and participating in Web3 DAOs & communities.


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