Sun Cooper, Founder and Director

Sun Cooper has twenty years of experience in the publishing industry as an editor, book project manager, and multicultural publishing consultant. Based in Cherokee Nation, she is active on the Board of Advisors for Read Your World, as advisor for A Room of Her Own Foundation, serves with the Diversability Leadership Collective and was named AROHO's 2015 Blackbird Fellow. Her award-winning projects have been featured in WAVES: A Confluence of Women's Voices, National Geographic, American Cowboy, Southern Writers, UNUM and more. Nurturing sustainable, regenerative systems of storytelling and shared progress in publishing, she has managed book development and review for Big Five Publishers and shepherded hundreds of authors through successful projects for indie, hybrid, and traditional publishing. She founded Sun Literary in support of multicultural women's and children's stories.

Karina Puente, Cofounder of SunLit + DIVES

Karina Puente co-founded and co-facilitates the SunLit + DIVES, a virtual writing program for women and their publishing projects, assisting narrative dialogue for creatives and storytellers at global + cultural intersections. She serves on the board of A Room of Her Own Foundation. 

Lokelani Howe, Project Support 

Lokelani Howe serves as a hapa creative and project support with Sun Literary. Being hapa deeply guides her work. As a multicultural and multimedia project manager and consultant, she helps people define their voice and story.  She currently serves as a diversity consultant with her local education board.

Sun Lit has built a trusted network of 150+ expert consultants and DEI + Accessibility consultants worldwide. 

As an agency dedicated to multicultural literacy and  shared progress, our core team and collaborators consult from their own expertise, embodied experience, pedagogy and cultural literacy with a multicultural methodology developed by Sun Literary.  

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Mia Wenjen, Ambassador

Mia Wenjen is an award-winning author, speaker, advocate and co-creator of Read Your World, a nonprofit providing year-round resources and celebrating diversity in children's books. Mia consults with Sun Literary and blogs on parenting, children's books, and education at

Sun Lit's Community

Sun Literary is a member of the National Diversity Council, the Diversability Leadership Collective, National Association of the Deaf, American Indian Library Association, SCBWI, the National Association for Female Executives and Entrepreneurs and more.

We are in community and collaboration with diverse literary advocates such as We See Different, A Room of Her Own Foundation, Read Your World, Multicultural Children's Book Day, Diversability and more.

Sun Lit subscribes to Shared Progress.

Sun Literary's Vision Map

At the heart, Sun Lit subscribes to shared progress. Sun Lit maps a deeply-informed, morally-imaginative approach to storytelling projects and collaborations.  Read our Guiding Principles to Better Stories.

"We gave thanks for the story, for all parts of the story because it was by the light of those challenges we knew ourselves." – Joy Harjo, U.S. Poet Laureate

Land Acknowledgement

A commitment to visionary storytelling and shared progress was first imagined on my great-grandmother's desk in a horse barn on Monacan land in Virginia, flourished on Iipay-Tipay-Diegueño land in California, and is based in Cherokee Nation, the state of Okla humma, which is home to 39 tribes including the Indigenous Osage, Caddo, Kiowa, Comanche and Wichita peoples. 

Sun Lit supports returning National Parks to the tribes and recommends The Freedom of Real Apologies and This Land Podcast.


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